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Online wallet for storing money, making online payment

Though it is possible to convert money in the form of bank savings/deposit to online form, each transaction can be time consuming. When the payment is to be made from one country to another the charges are fairly high, making it difficult to do online transactions. So people are keeping their online funds in the form of an online wallet and are using it to make their online payment, so that their hard earned money will not be wasted in paying transaction charges for converting into cash/ bank deposit, and then converting the cash back into online currency.

India remains one of the few countries where Paypal account holders are not allowed to use the funds in their paypal account for paying their online expenses, increasing the cost of doing business with paypal. For any payment which an Indian paypal account holder will receive, paypal will take around 10% as fees before the amount will be transferred to their bank account. If the same paypal account holder would like to make payment to foreign vendor using paypal, again 5% will be paid as fees, currency conversion charges. So effectively because RBI does not allow Paypal to be used as a online wallet, Indian online exporters are losing about 15% due to fees to paypal.

In contrast indian exporters who receive payment by cheque, bank transfer (SWIFT), letter of credit are allowed to keep their foreign currency earnings in a us $ account, so that they do not lose money in foreign currency conversion. They can also use the foreign currency they have earned to pay any of their business expenses abroad, in contrast to indian paypal account holders who are forced to convert their dollar earning to indian rupees, remit it to their indian bank account and then again convert the indian rupees to US $ for making payment to foreign customers.

It appears that other payment processors like Payza which was popular with Indians has also been adversely affected by the rule and they now charge a fee of $25 for withdrawal to an indian bank account. Only very small wallets or payment processors which few indians use are not affected by the change in rules.Bitcoin remains the most popular among the purely online wallet, however the value of a bitcoin has reduced to a very great extent in the last year due to market conditions.There is always some risk keeping a large amount in an online wallet.

Large companies in the indian internet sector will often try to frame or causes losses to smaller firms, falsely accusing them of forex trading, fema violations so that they can destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. These companies will put indian paypal account holders under close surveillance so that they can monitor all activities and frame them to the extent possible to cause losses. So earlier indian paypal account holders were free to experiment, now because of the close scrutiny they are under they will think twice before opening a new online wallet to avoid being framed, by officials who specialize in making fake allegations without any proof against innocent harmless individuals, especially paypal account holders.

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